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Virtual Inspections in Post Covid-19 Era: The New Normal forProperty Inspections in Nigeria

Technological advancements are now being developed astronomically due to the covid-19 pandemic, technology being deployed in the Nigerian real estate sector now supports virtual walkthroughs that allows your prospective client to navigate your listed property in Nigeria and get the same real feel of physical inspections, within the comfort of their homes or offices.


5 ways to identify a fake Nigerian real estate agent

You can’t just imagine the magnitude of things that could go wrong when you pick that ‘Ordinary realtor’ to assist you find buyers or tenants for your Nigerian houses for sale or for rent, you need a professional Nigerian real estate agent! Having a less than stellar realtor to stand as your agent would bring no good when representing your business interests in the rental or sale of your Nigerian house. The effect could rank from minute to significant to horrendous and this is just saying the least, it could get worse, prison sentence! Real estate is a long term investment, serious pitfalls could leave you both personally and financially wrecked, therefore, it is really important that you should be intentional in picking a very good Nigerian real estate agent that would represent your interest in all ramifications,here are some red flags to identify incompetent or average real estate agents:


7 Tips on how to buy a house in Nigeria (for new couples)

Finally, you and your beloved spouse have taken that bold step and are now spouses for life! Congratulations!! After all said and done, it is likely that you and your spouse have found yourself in a “Dream House Hunting” situation.

The whole process of buying homes in Nigeria is outrightly daunting, just thinking about the stress involved alone can discourage you and your spouse because of the precarious nature of finding and buying Nigerian houses. Disagreements often occur due to different preferences between you and your spouse, you may look to buy a Nigerian house in Lagos Island, especially when you live in Lagos State for instance, but your spouse may want to buy a house in Lagos mainland due to work, family, friends or some other reason. This would naturally indicate a looming disagreement and might hamper the dreams of your perfect Nigerian home.


Budgeting Hacks for Real Estate Agents

In Nigeria, agency fee is charged as a percentage on each property sold or rented, therefore, you as a real estate agent only get paid after the property in your portfolio is rented out or sold off to a buyer. Since the number of houses you sell off or rent out in a month will determine your income for that month, therefore, it is very important that you create a budget each month that you will follow judiciously, this will be helpful to keep your finances stable throughout the year, this is so difficult to achieve, however, here are a few hacks to help you to achieve financial stability, especially when you are just starting out as a real estate agent.


Three (3) Benefits of Virtual Real Estate, the New Normal

In recent times, things have changed so fast, this is largely due to the Covid-19 Pandemic which has forced people across the world to resort to working virtually, to stay ahead, real estate agents and marketing teams have made Virtual Reality the new normal in the real estate industry, allowing agents and realtors to market to Customers right in the comfort of their Homes in Nigeria. Virtual reality has changed the process of buying and selling properties across the world, and is a very powerful real estate marketing tool even within Nigeria. Real estate has always been a game of ‘survival of the fittest’ as this is a really tough industry with more than 87% of real estate agents quitting within the first five years, it is therefore imperative that you as a real estate professionals must be knowledgeable about the benefits of virtual reality as everything is now becoming virtual, taking the ‘survival of the fittest’ to an even more extreme. These days, you as a real estate agent or realtor can deliver everything virtually, from virtual open houses, to virtual house presentations, to inspection appointments, and even seminars. All these listed activities can be done even here in Nigeria on platforms such as Gillow. For you as a real estate professional to thrive in this new age of virtual real estate, here are some key benefits that you should be aware of so that you can leverage effortlessly: